CD BassBand

01 Stano Palúch: Bassovica 4.07

02 Marcel Comendant: Nu Stiu ( Neviem) 6.13

03 Herwig Neugebauer:  Souful Suzie 5.07

04 Lucia Chuťková: Metal Song 3.30

05 Marián Lejava: Fúga/útek zo “Sonata Brevis” 1.58

06 Ján Borza: Hádka č.5 3.32

07 Pavol Bodnár: Lam-Mal-Lam 5.55

08 Vincent Jaš: Málka 6.06

09 Rafael Catalá: Rumbass 4.54

10 Ján Gréner: Štyri ľudové piesne 5.50

Some words from composers:

Ján Gréner:
Probably my qualm for this special deviation (4 basses) comes from the fact, that since years I play very similar (maybe more underprivileged) musical instrument – viol.

 4 bodies – 4 voices, the winners are basses...

 P. Bodnár :

It was a pleasure for me, as Janko spoke to me to write a song for the contrabass quartet. I adore a contrabass as an musical instrument, which follows me  by jazz performances. It was a big challange to write a song for this group. Forasmuch as sound the harmonies in the bass register „muddy“, not clean, I decided to don´t write the crossholds with the under voices beyound the common chords and octavs, to do not mist the harmony uselesly. After first check of score in progress Janko asked me: „Will be there no harmony?“, I decided to add more tones into the under-surface. At last he argued me, that I don´t have to take care about the technical limitings, that all to vocal g1 is actable by contrabass. I decided to let the phantasy fly and the result it the song Lam-Mal-Lam.

 M.Comendant- .

– The song Nu știu uprised on the signal of my Brother-in-Law nd the boss of the bassband. I´m very happy, that in managed to record this song and that guys made a video-clip for this song too. Of course, I´m very happy, that I was able to contribute for a repertory of this bass quartet in this way. It is a big honour for me. It were my rootage as an inspiration for me and I hope, it is the beginn of our cooperation. I wish all the best!

Rafael Catala-
Bassband: ...“Hello Rafael, we would like  to have a song for the Bassband from you...“

Rafael Catala:„What? To write for 4 basse? Would you like, dear Jan, any drum to it? Hmm? So, really, a composer as me should write for 4 question....mmmm. A bagpipe and triangle would be maybe more difficult, or? And Jan, he played some contrabass piccolo places. If his colleagues  are so good like he. Okay, let´s tray to do it!

So Juanito, in the short time arose the Rumbass. And than you have to let out the pig and shake with the ash on the end of this song salaciously. As it stays in the score. Do you agree? To extend the Repeat and the Fade. It cannot be seen by the recording.

Ján Borza  
„the most tragic scrapes ends unsaid!“

 M. Lejava
Bass band? Four medman,a metal baroque players. I had to remit them by the recording all the time. Tha hall, where we recorded it, seamed. I´m happy, that the guys ordered this song and they took a bit roundly in. They are rare and unique as well.


I was very pleased, when Jan asked me to write a piece for his bass band. It was quite a challenge to use the whole range of the bass, 

and still keep the music bouncing and grooving in an light-footed way. The second challenge was the use of complex harmonies in a rather low range, 

but there is no doubt, the bass band will make it sound!