Metod Podolský



He graduated his studium on The sacral conservatory in Bratislava, in the contrabass class of Mgr. Art. Ján Krigovský. In 2005 he participated on The competition of conservatory students of Slovak republic,  he obtained the 2. place there.

During the studies already he affected in the  several international orchestras – European Philharmonic Orchestra Austria, Junges Klangforum Mitte Europa, Donau Philharmonie Wien, Wiener Akademie, the orchestra of Janáček opera, the national theatre in Brno, and in the slovakian orchestras as well – The orchestra of the Slovak national theatre, the chamber orchestra New Music, the formation  Cellisimi, The orchestra of the State opera Banská Bystrica, The state philharmony Košice and so one. In 2007 he graduated the tour in Japan with the Salzburg  Chamber Orchestra. In 2014 he graduated at the Academy of arts Banská Bystrica, where he negotiated in the class of Mgr. Art. Ján Krigovský. On the present he is affecting as a player of a chamber orchestra Cuore Barocco and he is the member of contrabass quartette BassBand. He is working as a contrabass educationist  at the Private conservatory of Dezider Kardoš in Topoľčany as well.